Let's imagine something for a minute...

Imagine if there were no rules. 

Imagine if it was okay to drive 100 mph on the highway

Imagine if you could jump from a skyscraper and not die. 

Speeding and gravity. 

They are rules. 

Rules that we have to follow. 

What are the rules in your own life? 

I consider productivity to be a strength of mine. 

However, just like anything else, it's a skill that must be practiced.

I think people forget that. 

You don't just wake up and instantly become productive. 

You must practice it, recognize the negative patterns, reinforce the positive behaviors, educate yourself on it, and continually implement it.  

It starts with your rules. 

Do you have a rule about what time you wake up?

Do you have a rule about what time you go to bed?

Do you have a rule about not checking e-mails until 10 am?

Do you have a rule that you must get at least 20 minutes of exercise every day?

How about a rule that you won't waste time on negative people or dwell about negative things?

Do you have a rule that you won't eat sweets more than once per week? 

You create your own rules. 

Think about the nutrition side. 

A vegan is someone who doesn't eat animal products. 

It's a rule. 

You can't eat steak three nights a week and be a vegan. 

Now, being vegan is a choice, but with that choice comes a set of rules we must follow. 

Being productive is a choice, but with that choice comes a set of rules you must follow. 

Just like being fit is a choice, but with that choice comes a set of rules you must follow.

I have a list of rules that I follow every day. 

You have to start with that. 

You have to put up some guardrails. 

I'll share a couple of my rules...

I get up at least an hour before the rest of the house gets up.

I read, every single day.

I write, every single day.

I plan the next day the night before. 

Those are rules. 

They are non-negotiable. 

I think we sometimes forget that.

As much as we preach the “1% Better” life, and the slow and steady lifestyle, you have to realize something…

The bigger the transformation you want to make, in fitness or anything, the bigger the change you’re going to have to make.

We can’t sit back and just keep blaming it on things…

“I’m busy right now…”

“It was a short week…”

“It’s the holidays…”

The problem with that mindset is every week is going to bring up those obstacles.

Those problems are never going to stop.

We’ll always be busy, we’ll always have holidays and family obligations, and things will always come up.

That’s where your rules come in.

If it’s truly a rule you get it done no matter what.

This post comes to you every day at noontime.

It doesn’t matter if I’m busy, sick, tired, or traveling, I never miss it.

It’s a rule.

Do I miss other things?

Of course.

But my rules are non-negotiable.

The people that follow their rules and get them done every day no matter what obstacle presents itself are the ones that have the most success.

We’ll always have problems…those are not going anywhere.

However, are you going to be the person that just justifies with excuses every time you don’t do something, or are you going to make it a rule and get it done no matter what it takes?

Is it always easy?

Of course not. 


What are your rules?

You have to set boundaries. 

You have to set guardrails.

Don't let external forces control your productivity. 

That's this weeks challenge. 

Set three rules that you're now going to live by every single day. 

As you continue to get better at this, you'll tweak the rules you do have and begin to add some others. 


What are your rules?

I'd love to hear them. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

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