Rest Or Renewal?

As you're reading this I'm scrambling around, packing, picking Kaden up, and preparing for a 3:30am wake up to head to Logan. 

I'll be spending the next week in the Smoky Mountains with Megan and Kaden, no phone, no internet, nothing. 

It was kind of a funny story how it came about...

I had a conference planned for next week, and since it was going to be a new spot Megan had never been (Michigan), she had requested the time off from work months ago, and she was going to hang out in the hotel room while I got my learn on, and then we would check out the area at night. 

However, about two weeks ago, I came home one night and had what some may call a "mini breakdown."

I read for 60 minutes everyday to learn and better myself...

I have traveled every month for the last couple years to a different workshop, conference, or training...

I lead my team through daily meetings, read every article that comes across my eyes, and from 430am-8pm everyday I am trying to learn something...


The answer was clearly no. 

So I cancelled my conference registration, and since Megan had already requested the week off, we booked a trip to the Smoky Mountains, a place we've never been, but I knew it would be a great place to recharge. 

We'll be staying in a small cabin in the middle of nowhere, and I hope to recharge, reconnect, and renew. 

And that's today's lesson...

Rest or Renewal?

We know that in order to take care of those around us we have to be at our best. 

I know that if I want to be a good leader for the team, I have to be at my best. 

The coaches know that if they want to put on the best "show" for the clients, they first have to be at their best. 

You know that in order to take care of your family, you have to make sure you're taking care of YOU first. 


How do you do that?

Rest & Renewal. 

We're all familiar with resting. 

It's hard to do, but it's pretty easy. 

Get your 7-9 hours of sleep, take a nap if necessary, etc. 

However, have you ever had all your sleep, have you ever taken the weekend "off", have you ever tried to just sit and "rest", and then at the end of any of those you actually don't feel recharged?

It's because you didn't renew yourself. 

You see, your body needs rest.

Your mind, it needs to be renewed. 

Some examples...

You come in for a workout at Spurling. You may feel physically tired at the end, but you're mentally fresh and renewed. 

You complete a task, get something done off your to-do list, or finally get that desk organized. You weren't necessarily resting, but you feel renewed. 

You get all your current thoughts onto paper. All of the sudden you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. 

You feel renewed. 

Rest is important, don't get me wrong. 

However, my challenge to you today is if you find yourself resting and not feeling fresh and at your best, try to do something that renews you. 

That's my goal over the next week. 

1% Better. 

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

PS: Don't worry you'll still get my daily e-mails while I'm gone. I've written them ahead of time and they are all scheduled :)