Planting Trees

Some of you saw on Facebook yesterday that it was the 7 year anniversary of my mom's passing. 

I mention her a lot in my writing because I think it's important to understand the story behind Spurling.

When we were growing up I was never super close with my parents.

I was always independent, would go to school, go to football practice, and go to work.

I worked 35-40 hours a week as a 14-year-old, even getting in trouble with the department of labor. 

I was rarely home.

We didn't really have the means to do much as a family as far as vacations, the few we did take I remember, but overall we didn't do much. 

However, when I think back to everything my mom did for me it was like planting trees. 

She planted trees that she never saw grow. 

She instilled in me habits, behaviors, values, and drive that now is just starting to grow, just like a tree.

She is the reason why Spurling is our name, and one of the main stories behind our brand.

She planted trees that she never saw grow. 

I think there's a big lesson there.

Whether it's in parenting, in life, or in fitness, it's about planting trees that you might never see grow.

Laying the foundation for good values and good habits, both in yourself, and those around you. 

In fitness specifically, we get so caught up in the quick fix. 

In fact, we got an e-mail yesterday asking if we could help this person lose 30lbs in 30days. 

That's not a tree, that's a band-aid. 

The true value in fitness is planting seeds, planting trees, that through a strong foundation blossom into these incredible things whether it's a specific physical result, a behavior, an emotion, or something you never see because you instilled it in your child. 

Life is about planting trees you'll never see. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling