If you're a client at Spurling you know that we're undertaking a big renovation next week. 

In just about 36 hours we'll be ripping up all the flooring, painting, moving equipment, and putting all new flooring down...and we have to get it all done in a week so we can be back in the gym. 

While all that's going on, we coordinated with the town to use the local park so clients can still get coach led workouts throughout the week. 

I've been joking around with clients this week who have asked me...

"Are you ready for the big renovation?"

My typical response...

"Yes, but I'm surprised my hair (brown and thick), doesn't look like Josh's (a confident bald)."

For those who know me well these next few lines will be no surprise to you...

I have a six page long spreadsheet that outlines exactly what needs to happen everyday and who is doing it...

I have annoyingly called all contractors and confirmed they will be here when they are supposed to be here...700 times. 

I have met with the team to assure they know their roles at the park...

...and I have run through what I think is every worse case scenario that can possibly happen and coming up with a plan of action should it happen. 

To say the least, I have planned for this thing to the extreme. 

It's been months in the works, and it has sucked up most of my mental bandwidth. 

But you know what?

It hasn't even happened yet!

And you know what else?

There is a very strong chance the electrician will not show up precisely at 8:30am on Monday, and a stronger chance that they will not be done at 11:30am, which will throw off the rest of the days work, causing it not to go as planned. 


That's my lesson today. 

As you can tell, I have planned for this week-long event excessively, and it has caused me an enormous amount of stress, yet there's just the reality of what is going to happen next week, and the ACTION that needs to be taken. 

The fact is, things just need to get done. 

Paint on the walls, rubber flooring glued down...ACTION. 

This is a renovation, not a mathematical spreadsheet calculation. 

So, as much as we need to plan and prepare for things, so much of it is just showing up and taking action

As Nike says...Just Do It! 

Whether it's a fitness routine or anything else in life, I know it's scary, and we want to have a plan, but the best plan in the world is useless if it's never executed. 

Action always beat intention. 

Sometimes we just need to suck it up, stop worrying about the plan, and the "what if's" and just take action. 

I'm right there with you. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling