Perfectly Imperfect

Did you notice?

Last week I sent out an e-mail with a typo in the subject line. 

In fact, I'm sure 90% of my e-mails have a typo or two. 

On Friday I sent an e-mail that had an older e-mail posted at the bottom. 

Each morning after I finish writing, I go in and paste what I wrote over the e-mail that went out the day before.

I must have pasted it above the previous e-mail so it read as one long e-mail, not making much sense because it was two e-mails pasted together. 

I freaked out, texted Kim, who heads up our marketing and communications, and her response?

"I think that will make a great post."

Perfectly imperfect. 

I'm a perfectionist. 

I am obsessive over every little detail, of everything.

Some call it being a control freak. 

It's how I live life. 

I have everything calculated to the penny, I never go to bed with an e-mail in my inbox, and I have every process for everything I do mapped out on checklists. 

Yet, I'm not perfect. 

I never will be. 

I've missed many of workouts, made more mistakes than almost anyone, and I never cross the street in the crosswalk. 

Sure, I think the pursuit of perfection can lead to growth, greater attention to detail, and a level of success, but I've learned to not let it paralyze me. 

Kim and I have a saying with each other...

"Ship it!"

Get it out the door. 

Finish the project. 

Done is better than perfect. 

I've sent over 1,000 daily e-mails. 

Imagine if I combed through every single one, analyzing every word.

You would never see an e-mail from me because I would never press send. 

As always, this translates to every aspect of life, especially fitness. 

Sure, there needs to be some thought, there needs to be some parameters, but you don't want perfection to stop you from taking action. 

The person that wakes up and just does something, anything, will always make more progress than the person that has the perfect plan or intent in their head but does nothing with it.

There will never be a perfect time, you'll always be too busy. 

You will never have a perfect body, you will always find something to fault if that's how you measure happiness or success. 

Perfectly imperfect. 

I just call it being human. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling