Organized Randomness...

To build off of Kim's post yesterday about just showing up, I thought I'd give some insight into my current training and a conversation I had with a client last night. 

As many of you know, I keep my days very structured, probably too structured sometimes. 

Everything I want to get done is mapped out and scheduled at specific times, and from a productivity standpoint it works for me.

Do you know what's not structured right now?

My workouts. 

I mean, the times are, I still schedule my workouts at a specific time, but what I do that day is pretty much show up, and do what I can. 

I essentially hit one exercise of the 7 pillars I've talked about in the past, it's random, and not really structured. 


23 of my 24 hours are structured and organized, it's the one hour where I get to play, and just pick up some heavy stuff and have fun, not really thinking about anything. 

Who knows, maybe in the fall I'll tighten things up, but for me right now, just showing up and having a little fun is working. 

Funny enough, I met with a client last night and we discussed the same thing. 

She's been with us three months, loves it, is feeling better, and in her words... "she's less jiggly."

But that's it...

She doesn't have a specific goal, she doesn't want to set one right now, she just wants to show up, have some fun, and try to get a little better every day, 1% Better. 

Her life outside of Spurling is too busy and structured right now, plus she came to us with past experience of a very structured routine, and right now, that would do more harm than good. 

Some people like the structure, some people crave variety. 

What I've found, it's just like everything else, it ebbs and flows.

Sometimes you're ready to dial things in and map out everything to a tee, and other times, you just want to crank the music, have some fun, and just move. 

You may not want the structure, you may want the structure, either way, like Kim said yesterday, we just need to show up. 

Keep showing up. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling