One Play At A Time...

Recently in an interview, Tom Brady was asked…

“How do you do it?”

“How do you pull it off? How do you win so much? How are you still playing?”

His answer…

“One play at a time.”


Tom Brady is totally using our 1% Better motto :)

But seriously, that is a great analogy.

We love sports analogies in our organization.

If you think about it, sports and a business operation are very similar.

We have an owner, a head coach, and some position or department coaches…

We have “plays” we need to run or processes in place that we practice and are executed by the team…

We have a scoreboard that shows us how we’re performing and if we’re “winning or losing.”

But this “one play at a time” might be my favorite.

There’s a lot packed into that statement.

Staying present so you’re only focused on the task at hand…

Not getting overwhelmed with all that lies ahead, or everything you have still yet to accomplish, but just focusing on executing a really good play…

Success in life, in fitness, or on the football field is just about taking this one play, and giving it your all, doing your best.

In fitness, it’s about showing up.

Just show up today.

Don’t worry about how far you have to go, or how high the mountain is you need to climb, just show up.

In finance, just save anything today.




In parenting it’s about just being the best mom or dad you can be today, because you have no clue what the day is going to bring…

Whatever it is…

Just keep stacking those wins.

One play at a time.

I knew I loved Tom Brady :)

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling