Nail The Basics

Yesterday the team and I met for a half-day meeting to review the first quarter of the year and plan out the next quarter.

We have done it every quarter for the life of our business, and it’s awesome.

This meeting was a little different…

Quite often we talk about what are the new things we can do, what more can we do, what can we add, what can we change, etc.

This meeting we drove home one message…

Nail the basics.

For us, that means three things:

  1. Great coaching at every single session

  2. Hold every client accountable to their goals and attendance

  3. Continue to make sure everyone feels a part of the community as to not lose the “family-like” feel.

That’s it.

Nail the basics.

Because, you see, what happens, if you start to throw in too many moving pieces, too many new changes, too many shiny objects, it distracts you from the basics, and they start to fall.

So, sure, we have some cool things we’d like to do this next quarter (more community volunteering, some fitness workshops, build out our mentor/buddy system, and start to incorporate a “levels” system to really show each client what’s next), but we’re really just hyper focused on the basics.

I tell you all of this because it’s a good lesson for your life in general, especially fitness.

Sometimes we take on too much, we try to do everything at once, and as a result, we see the main thing suffer.

You see that in relationships.

You see that in families.

You see that in work.

And you certainly see that in your health.

So, what are the basics of your health?

It could be three things like:

  • Getting 10 workouts in per month

  • Journaling your food at least 80% of the month

  • Sleep at least 200 hours per month

It can be fun to add a shiny object in the moment and talk about all the fancy things like cool new exercises, fancy diets to follow, or whatever the latest and greatest trend is today on social media, but the truth is, the basics work.

I don’t know a single member who shows up on our frequent sweaters board (10 visits in the month) every single month, that doesn’t get results.

Nail the basics.

That’s our theme right now, maybe it can be yours too.

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling