My Thanksgiving Week Plan....

Can you believe it's already here?

This Thursday is my favorite holiday of the year. 

You get the best of both worlds; family and food. 

Plus, there's not that awkward obligation to get someone a gift :)

I thought it would be cool to show you what I would do during Thanksgiving week if I was going after a goal of say 20+ lbs of fat to lose. 

Because as you'll see, there're certain things you can plan for, and then there's simply just enjoying yourself. 

Today, Monday, I'd get a real solid workout in. 

There's usually no family up yet, and hopefully not too many distractions. 

The rest of the week is shaky so I'd make sure I nail today. 

Something that gets the heart rate up, but more importantly, has a strength training effect so that I boost my metabolism for the next couple days. 

Probably a 10-minute warm-up, 30 minutes of strength training, and 10-15 minutes of a cardio finisher. 

Nutrition wise I'd keep it light. I can see Thursday in the near future, so I'd keep things light. 

For me, I'm an analytical guy, so I'm thinking 10x my body weight in calories. 

A light breakfast, a lunch to power me through my workout, and a light dinner (salad with meat on it) when I get home. I'd avoid snacking and sweets. 

On Tuesday, I'd keep things real similar to Monday as best as I could. 

If you have family up by then, make sure you make it a priority to sneak your workout in, don't blow off the rest of the week. 

On Wednesday, I'd get an at home workout in, and keep my nutrition even more dialed in. 

I know the day before is busy with traveling, family coming up, and food prep. 

If a full workout is possible, great. However, don't stress if all you can do is go for a walk around the block. 

On Thursday, the big day, I'd do 10 sets of 10 reps of a great exercise I call...

Fork to mouth. 

We celebrate Thanksgiving once a year. 

Heck, you may only see your family once a year. 

I can promise you one thing...

One day of "cheating" is not going to reverse all your hard work. 

In this big journey, it's no more than a spec on the map. 

Sit back, watch football, enjoy your time with family, and eat whatever the heck you want to. 

On Friday, if you're serious about getting back on track quickly I'd get a quick workout in, and keep my intake light. Minimal in the morning since I just devoured a bunch of stuff 12 hours ago.  

If the family is still up and you want to enjoy brunch, go for it! 

That's what I'll be doing :)

By Saturday, you're back on track. 

The biggest thing I want to prevent is letting this drag on for days, or even worse, the rest of the year with the mindset of "I'll just wait until January."

Enjoy yourself, but don't use it as an excuse to forget about everything you worked towards, we'll still have 35 days left in the year at that point. 

If you follow our motto of 1% better, that's a chance to get 35% better. 


I'll be back tomorrow to continue the holiday week shenanigans. 

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

PS: We don't put stuff on special often, but we're making an exception on Black Friday. Make sure you keep your eyes open for some ridiculous deals at the end of this week :)