My "Secret" To Productivity

I met with two of our newest interns last night for a quick "Q &A."

I had a meeting that got rescheduled, so I had about an hour to spare. 

I let them ask me any questions they had on fitness, business, leadership, etc. 

One of the questions that came up, and always comes up is...

"How'd you do it? How hard do you work?"

I used that as a learning opportunity for productivity. 

You see, my "busyness" in 2016 with a team of six is quite different than in 2012 when I was a one man show. 

Not longer or shorter hours, just different. 

However, I would say my productivity is 10x today what it was 5 years ago.

I believe the number one reason for our success here at Spurling is that my team and I, flat out, out work everybody else. 

I can't remember the last day that each of us didn't try to do something better, come up with an idea to improve client experience, or clock less than a 10 hour day. 

With all that being said...

I think the biggest differentiator is production. 

It's one thing to be busy. 

Everybody in today's day is busy. 

But at the end of the day, what did you actually get done?

Stop consuming and start taking action. 

My business coach always tells me "Doug, you get paid for done."

It's the truth. 

So, how do I get so much done?

Here's my secret...

1. Work harder than everybody around me

2. Batch my time in 50-minute blocks.

Number two is the tactical "secret" you've probably been skimming for this entire post.

But I had to put context first..

I spend my day in 50-minute blocks, with then 10 minutes of procrastination built in. 

We all procrastinate. It's human nature. 

So for me, I find it helps to just build it in. 

10 minutes. 

So, I work on something for 50 minutes (like this post), and then I'll surf Facebook, check sports scores, or check the market for 10 minutes. 

Once the 10 minutes is up, it's back to focused work for 50 minutes. 

In those 50 minutes, I'm all in, and pretty realistically get more work done in those 50 minutes then some people do before lunch. 

So, how can you apply this to you?

Master the concept, don't copy and paste my life into yours. 

For you, maybe it's 15 minutes of work and 5 minutes of procrastination/unplanned stuff (babies crying, kids screaming, phone ringing, etc). 

However, make sure you create an environment and a mental state where you're ALL IN during those 15 minutes. 

Stop focusing on consuming, staying busy, and tasks that aren't moving the needle. 

Focus on done, focus on action, focus on implementation. 

As always you could apply this to every aspect of life

Stop reading online workouts, and spend that time actually working out. 

Stop watching Rachel Ray, and spend that time preparing your meals. 

Stop calculating how much you need for retirement and set up an automatic withdrawal from your paycheck. 

Stop surfing mindnumbing sites and watching reality TV, and start spending authentic time with your family. 

We all have the same 24 hours in the day. 

We all have "stuff" going on in our lives. 

It's those that stay focused, plan for the unexpected, make what's important to them a priority, and focus on producing not consuming. 

1% Better, right?

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling 

PS: This was deep and a bit harsh, but it's the truth. Sometimes that's the best way to get the point across. If you need help with it please reach out, I'm right on the other side.