Lights, Camera, Action

Yesterday Kim and I recorded Episode 25 of the One Percent Better Show and we talked about procrastination.

Today, I’m not here to share the podcast (it takes a couple days for us to edit it and get it published), you’ll see it on Thursday, however, while recording I referenced this idea…

“Imagine if everything you did was recorded.”

It was in reference to Tom Brady and the “chip on his shoulder” he has to prove after being drafted 199th.

He has certainly been “accountable” to performing and showing up, but how much of that is because he has something to prove and, oh by the way, almost every move he makes is recorded.

But that begs that question…

How are you held accountable?

I think we all need/want accountability but quite often we don’t know what holds us accountable.

Some people need regular check-ins, some people need to know that someone is counting on them.

For me, I thrive off of social accountability.

I know that there are a lot of eyes on me at all times.

Whether it’s eyes on a post like this, eyes on me when I’m at the gym, or eyes on the community that we’re curating.

That’s a good thing because it keeps me accountable.

That’s also the reason I’m so public about the things I’m tackling (like this 75Hard Challenge, for example) as I don’t want to let anybody down.

But it got me thinking...

How would you act if you were being filmed 24/7?

The more you think about it, it's actually a great accountability mindset. 

There is no denying it, when the lights are on us, when we're on stage, and when the camera is rolling we probably act a little different, just like the athletes on TV, or an extreme example, shows like Bachelor in Paradise.

So, why not use that to your advantage?

Imagine that you're being filmed...

Would you sleep in and hit the snooze button five times?

Would you eat a donut for breakfast after voicing a goal of losing fat?

Would you not go to the gym, but instead sit on the couch and watch TV?

One of my favorite lines is...

"The hardest thing to do is to work hard when no one is watching."

Well, what if everyone is watching?

I always remind my team that the gym floor is their stage, and we're always "on."

People are watching you, listening to you, reading your body language, and noticing things out of the corner of their eyes. 

We only have good days and great days, there are no bad days because this is our show. 

What about your life?

For some, this mindset tactic may not work, but for others, it could be a game changer. 

If you're on stage, spotlight on and camera rolling, you will make better decisions. 

It's easy to sit and eat a bag of chips on the couch when no one is around, but what if were you on camera?

Would you be meal prepping or working out instead?

If you want to have success you have to work hard when no one is watching, and that's not easy. 

Give it a try and let me know what you think. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling