Jar of Awesome

We spend a lot of time talking about happiness, gratitude, and positive thinking here. 

I think we all "get it" but then that begs that question of how do I work on it?

There's no right answer...

Some people are motivated by scare tactics like...

If I live till I'm 80 I only have about 18,000 more days to make an impact on this world. 

Why spend any time being unhappy when we're here for just a short time?

Some people are motivated by surrounding themselves with positive people...

Being a part of a community, a part of something bigger than yourself, or a having a social group that is less about drama and negativity and more about happiness and positivity. 

But how do I think most people are motivated to be happier and more positive?

Just like nutrition and fitness...

Small daily habits, small daily wins, stacked on top of each other. 

And that's where the Jar of Awesome comes in.

Grab a mason jar and leave it where you see it every day. 

Next to it is a pile of scrap paper. 

Every day write something down that was awesome about that day and put in the jar. 

It could be something big like your son graduated from high school and it could be something small like the sun came out today. 

You could even keep it displayed in the house and get the whole family involved. 

Why does an exercise like this work?

It forces you to keep happiness and positivity at the forefront, and there is something awesome happening each and every day, it just takes the jar to remind you what it is. 

Try out the Jar of Awesome and let me know how it goes. 

Life is way too short to be nothing but positive and happy, and maybe this Jar can be the tipping point to helping you get there every single day. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling