It's Finally Here...

I always say fitness is a series of sprints and jogs. 

Just like in life, you can't be "sprinting" all of the time. 

You don't ever really want to be moving backwards, or not moving at all, but you can't always be going 100mph. 

For most of us, we're in a "jog" right now. 

It's called summer. 

You're moving, you're exercising, you're eating decent, but you also skip the gym to go to the beach, or have that delicious dessert when you're out with friends. 

It's cool. You're just jogging. 

Side note: If you've crushed your goals this summer, that's awesome, because it's super hard to do. 

The fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle change journey will never be a linear line that is always going up (or maybe down sounds better), it's going to have more of a rollercoaster journey. 

So, we get the jog. 

When do I sprint?

Well, tighten up your shoelaces and get ready to go full steam ahead...

School is almost back in session! 

Aside from a new year, the kids going back to school is the perfect opportunity to get a good sprint in. 

Everyone is back on a routine, vacations are over with, and things are getting back on schedule. 

A perfect time for you to buckle down.

So, a sprint looks something like this...

You have a set duration (we like 90 days), with a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) set. 

So it could be...I want to lose 6 pant sizes before Thanksgiving. 

It could be...I want to lose 25lbs before December 1st. 

Whatever it is, you write it down, and now you devise a plan to make that happen. 

For the next 90 days, you're going to do X, Y, & Z. 

What are the action items needed to achieve that BHAG?

"I need to go to the gym every other day."

"I need to prep my meals so I don't make cheap/fast choices."

"I need to journal my food so I'm aware of everything I'm consuming."

Whatever it is, you should have your BHAG, and then 3-5 action items that need to happen consistently for the next 90 days. 

That is a sprint!

So, just like in the Olympics, you can't be sprinting all of the time. But if you sprint and then jog, you'll get more laps on the track (results) compared to if you were just jogging all of the time, or only did one sprint. 

Are you ready to sprint?

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling 

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