It's Bad...

Is it really that bad?

I always try to remind myself of something I remember reading from Tony Robbins about references...

When we walk into a hotel, we have a standard. 

You may walk into a Hampton Inn, and think it's a piece of crap because your reference for a hotel is a 5-star Ritz. 

A tourist from Eastern Europe walks into that same hotel room and they are amazed at the beauty and amenities of it. 

Life is all references. 

It's what we compare things to. 

As always, you can relate this to fitness, as well as any other aspect of life. 

We want to lose 20lbs because that will make us happier, meanwhile, there's someone 120lbs overweight who's happy as hell because they finally were able to put a roof over their head. 

We get mad because the grocery store doesn't have the exact item we're looking for, meanwhile some kid just picked up scraps off the ground for his first "meal" today. 

The more references we have, the more positive we can be. 

Sure you want to lose those 20lbs, or sure you want that grass-fed beef, but is life really that rough right now?

Heck, think for a moment about how you're reading this? 

You're probably reading it on a device that was created less than 10 years ago, and can do almost anything you want it to with a click or touch of the finger. 

"Where are you going, Doug?"

Sometimes, when we're frustrated with where we're at, physically, nutritionally, emotionally, financially, or any other state, we have to take a moment and realize two things:

1. It's really not THAT bad. 

2. What can we learn from it?

When we have a lot of references about the bigger picture, how awesome life is, and what other people are going through, we realize that all the stuff we complain about is pretty petty. 

Also, if we're going to go through a rough experience (loss of family, weight loss struggle, financial troubles, etc) there has to be a learning experience from it?

What's one positive thing you can take from it?

It's all perspective. 

Staying positive throughout a journey, throughout a change, is one of the hardest things, but in the end, may be the greatest contributor to the success.

1% better, right?

I'll be back tomorrow with some more insight. 

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

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