It's A Marathon...

Today is Marathon Day. 

Even though I don't live in the Boston area anymore (it's been over 10 years), I still enjoy watching the Boston Marathon. 

I have some friends running it, and we have had clients train for it as well. 

A marathon is quite the feat. 

What is typically years of training, all builds up to one day. 

It's amazing when you really think about it. 

But what does this have to do with your journey?

I believe all of our journeys are a marathon...

Maybe not 26.2 miles, but there are a lot of similarities. 

Here are five lessons related to a marathon...

1. You don't wake up and just run a marathon. The effort and results you see today has taken years of consistent hard work, waking up before the sun, training when you don't want to, etc. Just like in fitness, it takes years of hard work, and you don't just wake up tomorrow in shape. You didn't gain all your weight in a month, so it's not going to come off in a month

2. It's more mental than physical. Almost any endurance event like a marathon is actually more mental than physical. Sure, the physical training needs to be there, but if you ask the participants, it's usually more a mental game of not giving up that they have to overcome. Our fitness journey is the same way. There is a physical component, but it is the mental side, dealing with the negative self-talk, staying motivated and accountable, and mentally pushing through it that is the larger obstacle. 

3. It takes a game plan. If you want to run a marathon, you don't just wake up every day and run. There are specific training protocols, certain rest days scheduled, longer runs strategically placed, sprint work incorporated, all mapped out months and sometimes years ahead. Fitness (and life)  is the same way. If you just wake up every day without a game plan the chances of you making any substantial progress is slim to none. However, if you wake up with a plan, a plan that outlines exactly what you need to do that day, your success rate goes through the roof. 

4. A marathon is full of sprints and jogs, hills and flats. No mile is the same. Some miles you have to conquer a big hill, some miles you have to slow your pace down, and some miles you may sprint to beat your time or see a better result. Fitness is the same way. Sometimes you'll need to put your head down and sprint, stay super disciplines, and really expedite your results. However, if you do that all the time you'll burn out and you won't last. Other times you have a big "hill" to climb, or need to slow down and pace yourself. Either way, you're always moving. 

5. They all have a coach. Every person I have met that has taken on a marathon has hired a coach. I firmly believe that you need a coach in any aspect of your life that you want to make better. That's why the word coach is so powerful. Whether they are a fitness coach, a running coach, a financial coach, or a life coach, they all share the same goal which is to hold you accountable, motivate you, and make you a little bit better every day. 

Who knew there were so many life lessons from a marathon? 

There are lessons everywhere you look, you just have to open to find them. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

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