It Never Goes As Planned...

And you have to be okay with it. 

Life never goes as planned.

It's never linear. 

But isn't that what makes it so fun?

It's very easy to set a goal like lose 25lbs in a year. 

That's super doable. 

If we chunk it out, that's just two pounds a month, right?

However, in reality, it's not going to be two pounds a month if we hit it. 

One month it may be five or six because we're dialed in. 

The next month we hit a plateau and breakeven. 

The following month we may only lose a pound. 

We dial things in again and lose another five. 

We enjoy ourselves too much one month and gain a couple. 

Sure, we still want to lose those 25 pounds by the end of the year but it's important to realize, as much as we preach consistency it's never going to be this perfect linear progress. 

And that's totally okay! 

If you think about a rollercoaster...

What makes it fun?

It's not about just going in a straight line, it's about the big ups and the big downs. 

Life is full of big ups and big downs. 

It's full of progress and stagnation. 

It will almost always never go exactly as planned. 

But that's the point.

Enjoy the highs and learn from the lows. 

In our deepest moments, when things aren't going as planned, that's when we learn the most about ourselves, that's when we grow the most, and we use that as fuel to have our highest moments. 

However, without ever "failing" we would never learn or grow. 

Life (and fitness progress) will never go exactly as planned. 

It will be full of problems. 

We just hope to trade good problems for better problems. 

We just hope to learn from the dips and enjoy the highs. 

1% Better. 

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling