Is That It?

This one's going to get interactive.

If you're reading this in a place that allows you to I want you to step back away from your phone or computer. 

I want you to jump as high as you possibly can. 

Just once. 

How'd you do?

Now, I want you to go back and jump higher!

I'd bet my life on it that you jumped higher the second time. 

But wait?

The first go around I told you to jump as high as you possibly can? 

What happened?

You didn't jump as high as you possibly could the first time because you didn't use every ounce of potential you had inside of you. 

The point?

You have more potential inside of you than you could ever imagine, you just need to bring it out. 

I did this drill with the team last week as a way of demonstrating potential and what kind of effort you bring every day matters. 

We have everything we need within us to grow, to conquer our goals, and to achieve our dreams. 

We just need someone or something to bring the potential out of us. 

I mean that's really the definition of a coach. 

Think outside of fitness and go to sports or careers coaches. 

They may teach you a few skills, but all they're really trying to do is bring out the best of what's already inside of you. 

You have everything you need to achieve your goals. 

You have the potential inside of you. 

You just need to bring it out. 

You have a choice every day of how much you're going to show up.

You have a choice of how much effort you're going to put forth in everything you do. 

It's inside of you, and only you can choose whether you decide to bring it out. 

It's time to reach your potential, bring out the best inside of you, and do the small stuff while no one is watching.

That's what makes the biggest impact. 

Jump higher!

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling