{Introducing } The One Percent Better Show

We Started A Podcast! :)

For years, every time I would film a video or do Facebook Live for clients they would tell me...

"Doug, it's good, but I need to put my phone down and listen while I get other stuff done (cook dinner, fold laundry, drive)."

So, we figured what better way to spread our positive messages than through the Podcasting platform. Plus, I brought on my teammate and friend,  Kim Lloyd to join me as a co-host.

The Spurling Community currently consists of 3 main "branches"

1.  Spurling Fitness, our mothership, the gym we change lives in everyday

2. A coaching and education platform that we run for business professionals where we host workshops, events, and offer consulting services.

3. Our charitable foundation work through things like the Spurling Charity 5k, our scholarship, and we're even planning a mission trip :)

Although I do aim to clarify the three overtime, the fact of the matter is they are all integrated, and all share a common message.

One Percent Better.

Getting a little better every day, whether that's a health and fitness change, a better business owner, a better member of the community, or just trying to be a nicer human being :)

Well, The One Percent Better SHOW, will be our universal platform to talk about all of that magical stuff.

I'm excited.

Each episode is going to focus on one of the seven dimensions of wellness…

Physical change, emotional change, spiritual change, social change, intellectual change, vocational change, or financial change.

We’ll bring on guest speakers, do some live “coaching calls” with clients, and do everything we can to spread the positivity of the one percent better message.

I'm a fan of "shipping it" so we didn't wait for the perfect technology, the perfect sound, the perfect logo, but hey, it's episode one.

You can view it on iTunes here--->>>> The One Percent Better Show

Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

If you have ideas for future episodes just reply and let us know.

If you have a minute, we’d love for you to subscribe and leave a review on iTunes.

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling