I'd Rather Hit Singles...

Think of some of the best athletes in the world...

What were they known for?

Let's look at Ted Williams. 

Greatest hitter of all time. 

What did he excel at?

His batting average. 

He just showed up and had a lot of hits. 

Tom Brady. 

I hate to mention his name right now, but arguably, one of, if not, the greatest quarterbacks of all time. 

Is he known for his Hail Mary's?


He's known for having a high quarterback rating, and just showing up and delivering each and every game. 

My point?

It's not about the home runs, it's about the singles. 

It's not about the Hail Mary's, it's about ten of those short ten-yard slants. 

We all hope for these massive jumps in our fitness or nutrition (Hail Mary), but in reality, it's more about the consistent 10-yard plays, every day. 

The Hail Mary may happen every once in awhile, but we can't count on it. 

I hear frustrations every day of people who "only lost a pound this week."

Let's backtrack. It's Thanksgiving 2017. 

How many of you would love to be down 10 pounds right now?

Well, if starting after Thanksgiving you lost 1lb a week, you'd be down 10lbs right now. 

In the next year, you'd be down 52lbs. 

A pound a week is a great progress!

The problem is, we never see that as good enough, we just keep going for the touchdown or home run, and don't realize if we just hit the "single" every week we'd be doing just fine. 

Most of us overestimate what we can do this week and underestimate what we can do this year. 

Read that again. 

It's not about hitting this big home run, it's about hitting a bunch of singles. 

Showing up every day. 

Making good choices every day. 


There is no magic secret. 

Stop trying to hit the home run this week, and just hit a bunch of singles every day. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

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