I Was Crying...

Yeah, at 5:30 this morning I leaned against the wall of the shower crying…

I did something so small Saturday morning, but I knew it the moment I did it.

Over the course of the day my back tightened into a knot, and as the day went on the pain got worse.

It progressed all weekend and this morning was the tipping point where I realized I needed help.

I’ve pulled my back a bunch of times, it’s one of the negatives of being so tall, but this might top the pain level.

I’ve tried every stretch I know, I’ve slept on the floor, and I’m waiting until things open up to get some pain medicine and see a chiropractor as my spine is currently the shape of a C.

My point for telling you all of this?

Today’s version of “1% Better” is going to look a lot different compared to what it normally looks like.

I’ll have Mel cancel all my appointments, I’ll rest, maybe go for a light walk, and stretch.

That’s it.

If I can lift my leg or bend over to reach something that dropped without screaming, it’s a win.

We all have things like this that come up, and it’s how we react to it that matters.

You may pull your back, your kids may be home sick, or you may have to shift your focus to another commitment.

And that’s totally okay…

That doesn’t mean we throw in the towel and just give up.

We do what we can with what we have.

Will I hit my workout goal this week?

Probably not.

Will I get all the things done I originally planned on?

Probably not.

But I’ll do what I can today, I’ll give it my best.

Heck, even getting this message out to you is a win.

As always, I try to look at lessons and reminders in everything…

  • Things will come up, and it’s how you react to them that matters

  • When something does come up, throwing in the towel and doing nothing is the last thing you should do.

  • There are people out there in a much worse situation, so I can buck it up.

  • 1% Better is all about doing the best you can that day, even if it wasn’t what you had originally planned on.

  • There are some non-negotiables that must get done every day, no matter what.

  • Don’t beat yourself up and start filling your mind with negative self-talk, action is what moves things forward.

  • Make sure you have medical friends in your circle so they can get you in right away :)

Hopefully this came across the way I intended it to, and as always, I write this as a reminder for me, just as much as a reminder for you.

These lessons for you are just as much lessons for me, we’re all human.

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling