I know what I need to be doing....

I'm just not doing it.

Raise your hand if you have ever made that statement, either aloud or to yourself.

*Raising my hand*

Many of us wage this battle with ourselves every day when it comes to behavior change. It could be nutrition, fitness, money management, or promising ourselves that we will do laundry BEFORE our underwear runs out.

Oh, you don't have that problem? Um...right....me neither....

When we come up short on these battles to do something we know we need to be doing, we often bathe ourselves in shame and self-loathing. I mean, after all, in these kinds of situations, it's as though someone has given us a key (knowledge) and we are just too stubborn or lazy or embarrassed to put that key in the knob and unlock the door (action).

But what if I told you that knowing what to do isn't enough? You might not be surprised. I mean if you know what you need to be doing and you're not doing it then something might be missing.

But maybe you've tried other things. Maybe you bought gym equipment so you could work out at home. Or an expensive gym membership so you'd feel obligated to work out. You paid for the MyFitness Pal app so that you would track your food.

And yet you are still not doing any of the things you promised yourself (and your doctor, partner, or children) that you'd do. So what is missing?

As much as I'd like to tell you in a blog post, I feel like I can do a better job explaining this in person - where we can talk and interact with each other. Which is why I'm hosting a workshop on motivation with my good friend Doug Spurling on October 2nd at Spurling Fitness in Kennebunk, Maine.

In order to keep the experience personal for everyone, we are only opening up 20 spots, and last I checked we had 12 remaining. Click on this link to register. And if you live too far away to come to Kennebunk, write me back, and we'll find a time to connect over the phone.

I hope I have earned the privilege of your time.*

Be kind,
*I heard this quote in the movie Late Night with Emma Thompson and couldn't resist using it for myself. Because it's true.