How To Lose (Unlike the Patriots) At Fitness

I know some of you are moving a but slow today after an exciting win last night for the Patriots.

If you think of a traditional sport football, just showing up means nothing...

Yes, it's the bare minimum required to host a game, but you can still lose the game even if you showed up.

Clearly, that Patriots did more than just show up!

But I digress… 

The nice thing about fitness is showing up is the hardest part, but that's all you need to do to not lose. 

Just show up. 

We have a saying at Spurling, and it's now a sign on our front door...

"You just did the hard part. We'll take it from here."

Quite often, the only people that lose in fitness are the ones that don't show up. 

What do I mean by showing up?

I just mean walking through the doors and doing something, anything. 

Sure, we can debate the details about what type of fitness is better or what exercises are better, but the fact of the matter is all you have to do is show up. 

Just by walking through the door, putting your best effort in, and doing something allows you to not lose. 

You've won if you walked through the doors. 

Is it simple?


Is it easy?


To take it a step further...

After you showed up, how do you continue to not lose?

Change your mindset. 

If you have an "I'll just lose 20lbs and then I'll be good" mindset you lose...

If you have an "I'll just do this quick-fix as seen on TV gimmicky fad diet thing" mindset you lose...

If you have  "Fitness is something I have to do, not get to do" mindset you lose...

So how do you not lose?

Change your mindset.

Find something you enjoy doing, something that is just a part of your weekly routine, something that you love doing so much it's no longer a chore, and something that you can see yourself doing five years from now. 

When you can check those boxes, you've won. 

But let's first start with showing up.

It's the hardest part. 

Once you do that, we'll take it from there. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling