Find The Trigger...

Did you know that 45% of what we do as humans is habit based? 

Meaning, close to half of everything we do is coming from our unconscious, we don't even realize we're doing it, it's just the habit we've built. 

No wonder nutrition can be so hard, right?

That's why you see our focus not on giving you meal plans, or telling you what specific foods to eat, but on improving your habits. 

So, how do you change the habit? 

First, before we get into the three step process of changing a habit, there's one important note to make. 

YOU have to decide what the habit is. 

We can guide your decision, ask you some thought provoking questions, but ultimately, you have to pick ONE thing you want to change the habit of. 

By you picking it, you take extreme ownership of it, and the success rate goes through the roof. 

It's like parenting...

If you tell your kids to eat their vegetables they won't do it. 

But one day, something triggered them to make that decision on their own, and now they eat their vegetables. 

Changing behaviors is the same way. 

Here's a three-step process to changing nutrition...

1. Identify the Trigger-"When this happens..."

The trigger is the moment when you're at the crossroads and could go down either road, the eat the chocolate cake road, or the have a glass of water road. 

What is that trigger?

It starts with identifying the trigger, if you don't know this, you can't move on to step two. 

The more specific the better. 

There are five types of triggers: location, time, emotional state, other people, and the immediately preceding action. 

So, do you find that every night at 9:00 pm you make a poor nutrition choice? That's a time trigger. 

Do you find that every time you're stressed and frustrated you pig out? That's an emotional state trigger. 

Step one is identifying the trigger...

2. Identify the old habit - "Instead of.."

Articulate the old habit so you know what you're trying to stop. 

Again, the more specific the better. 

"It's not that I can't eat at 9pm, I just so that every night at 9pm I look for a poor nutrition choice."

Becoming aware of what the trigger is (9pm), and what the habit I'm trying to work on (extra unneeded calories) is the key here. 

3. Define the new behavior. " I will..."

What are you going to replace that old habit with?

"I will drink a glass of water every night at 9pm."

"I will pack my clothes the night before so I don't have that excuse."

" I will...."

It seems simple, but it's not easy. 

However, this three step process can begin to change your habits, both nutrition, and other habits. 

Start small, keep it simple, and focus. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling