Does It Fit?

I'm back from Florida, and ready to kick some butt this week. 

When I was down there, a lot of ideas and principles got thrown around. 

To put some context, If you didn't see my last couple e-mails, I was down in Orlando at a quarterly mastermind with about a dozen other gym owners brainstorming what's working, and what our areas of opportunity are. 

Any how, one of the best principles that kept coming up and coming up was, why?


Does that fit your ideal life/business? 


Basically, why would you want to do that thing (service offering, location, hire, etc) and, does it fit into your ideal life/business? 


Because you see, more is not always better. 


The reason why we've turned down second location opportunities left and right is because it's not part of our ideal business. 


We don't want twice the headaches, we'd rather really dial it in at our home here in Kennebunk. 


So what does all this have to do with you?


What's your ideal life, and are you living it?


That starts with knowing your why, and what makes you tick. 


From there, you can reverse engineer everything back to your ideal life. 


And make sure that every action you are doing on a daily basis moves you closer to that ideal life. 


Here are two examples, one non-fitness related, and one fitness related. 


Would you take a job for $250k per year, but you have to travel all of the time, miss your kids games, and not be home for dinner?


I can't answer that for you. 


However, if you know your ideal life, and you know your why, you know what direction you want to head. 


Would you eat chicken and broccoli everyday, say no to all social gatherings, and never "cheat" on nutrition so you could be under 10% body fat?


Again, I can't answer that for you. 


However, for some, they really want to work towards that, and they need to be willing to make that sacrifice. 


For others, sure they want to be healthy, but they still want to enjoy a dinner out with friends on the weekends, or a glass of wine at night. 


Totally fine, but that person can't complain about not being 10% body fat. 


Get it?


There's no right answer to all this stuff, but if you want something, you have to be willing to make the sacrifice to get there. 


Whether it's fitness, nutrition, family life, career choices, or what have you. 


We each have our ideal life, and we should make sure our daily actions are moving us closer to that. 


It's up to you to decide what that looks like.


Now go take action. 


1% better.  


I'll be back tomorrow with some more insight, and in the meantime if you need help creating your ideal fitness and nutrition plan just reply and let me know. 


We're here to help. 


Dedicated to Your Success,


Doug Spurling