Do You Have This Power?

I mentioned last week the staff and I read a book each month together. 

This month is a great book, "The Obstacle is the Way."

This morning's reading was the creation of today's note. 

Do you have this super power?

It starts with a "W" and ends with an "L."


What is will?

Will is our internal power, which can never be affected by the outside world. 

Will is what we need in order to turn a difficult experience, or a negative experience, into a learning experience, a humbling experience, or chance to comfort others. 

All of us in this journey, we call life, will be posed with difficult experiences.

It could be as small as forgetting your gym shoes, to as big as the death of a family member. 

I remember when my mom passed, as odd as it sounds, it lit a fire under me that is still burning strong today. 

It's the reason why Spurling Training exists, it's the reason why I choose to put my last name on the front door, and it's the reason I am forever internally motivated. 

It's my WILL. 

Each of us has that same opportunity each and every day. 

You're going to have turmoil, you're going to have adversity, but your will power is what will turn those moments into positive ones. 

It could be your frustration with your weight gain. 

It could be your battle with depression. 

It could be a divorce. 

It could be your son struggling in school. 

It could be an injury you suffer. 

It could be the loss of a job. 

It could be the busyness of life, in one aspect or another. 

The examples are endless. 

We always talk about getting 1% better, taking action. 

Taking action is the discipline of the mind. 

Will is the discipline of the heart and soul. 

The will is the one thing we control completely, always. 

When an opportunity tests your will, what will you do?

Will you sit back, woe is me, and surrender?

Or will you think, act, and adjust?

That's will. 

I'll conclude with a quote from the book...

"In every situation we can...

Always prepare ourselves for more difficult times.

Always accept what we're unable to change. 

Always manage our expectations. 

Always persevere.

Always learn to love our fate and what happens to us. 

Always protect our inner self, retreat into ourselves. 

Always submit to a greater, larger cause. 

Always remind ourselves of our own mortality.

And, of course, prepare to start the cycle once more."


You have it within you.

Now it's time to bring it out.

1% better, right?

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling