Do You Have These Two?

Some of you know I had a humbling moment on Sunday…

I came in to the gym, had a quick 45 minutes to get my sweat on, didn’t warm-up, and pulled my back pretty bad because of it.

For the first half of the week I was walking around with the “shopping cart” walk, bent over, shuffling, you get the picture.

Luckily today, I’m feeling great thanks to some initiative on my part, some PT friends, and a couple muscle relaxers :)

However, I think it’s times like this I’m always reminded of two great traits we can posses as humans.

Hunger and Humility.

And no, I’m not talking about hungry in terms of eating :)

We have to have an extreme amount of humility that we always have more to learn, that there is always things we can be doing better, that we don’t know everything, and be able to see things from the other side.

Humbleness comes in many forms…

Getting an acute injury like I had can be very humbling and reminded me of the importance of warming up and caring for my body more, it’s not indestructible.

Humbleness is admitting you need help…

Whether that’s help in fitness like hiring a coach, or help in other areas of your life.

Becoming a parent can be very humbling :)

It’s putting your benefits aside for the benefits of others…

It’s realizing that you don’t know everything, and your view point is only one view point, and it may not necessarily be the right one.

On the flip side, I feel very strongly we need to be hungry.

I attribute most of what I’ve been able to accomplish in my young 29 years to just wanting it more than others, doing the work that others aren’t willing to do, moving faster, and just being hungrier.

When the back pull came, it would have been easy to just say “I have to rest” and throw in the towel.

As I balanced the humility, I pulled out the hungriness and did everything I could to get better as quickly as I could, moving, stretching, getting treatment, non-stop, until it was better.

As always, we can take this core lesson into any aspect of life.

If you really want to make a change with your health and fitness you have to balance the humility of realizing you may need some help, with the hungriness of taking 100% responsibility for your actions, be willing to make the changes and putting in the work that others are not, and be hungry.

If you’re dealing with an injury, it can be very humbling, but pull that hunger out and take the initiative to keep moving forward, smartly of course, under supervision, but very rarely is the answer “do nothing.”

If you’re not happy with your current health, be humble enough to ask for help, but be hungry and take ownership of what actions you need to do to make the necessary change.

If you’re not happy with where you’re at in your career, your life, be humble, realize you may not have the answers, but be hungry and realize that no one is going to help you more than yourself.

If you want something in life, whether that’s a change in your physical self, your emotional self, your social/family/relationship life, your financial situation, you have to take ownership of it, be humble that you may need help, but be hungry enough to make a change that others just are not willing to make.

The worst thing we can do in any situation is just sit back, throw in the towel, and react to what comes.

Be hungry.

Be humble.

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling