Do You Have These Three Traits?

Last week I wrote a post (Beware The Barrenness) where I shared my incomplete thoughts on this ongoing desire to always be busy...

It striked some awesome conversations and replies (that is why I do this daily e-mail after all) that were awesome to read, and one of them was very intriguing. 

A client mentioned she was in the middle of Lent, and that she had been spending a lot of time reflecting on this particular topic, and she heard a great line in a podcast that she wanted to share. 

"God asks only three things of us which is to be coachable, be committed, and be aware."

How awesome is that!?

Regardless of religion, and for today's sake, I'm going to remove any religion from the discussion, I loved those three traits. 

Be Coachable. 

Be Committed.

Be Aware. 

If you spend some time reflecting on those it summarizes nicely what we expect from all parties in our life...

A good friendship....

A good relationship...

A good employee...

Heck, it's even what we think of when we think of a good client....

You see, as you hopefully know by now, when you join Spurling, you join much more than just a gym. 

You've joined a community, led by a team of experts. 

We do this fitness-results stuff every day, and frankly, we're really good at it. 

That's why you join our gym, you're paying for the best of the best. 

So what do we expect from you as a client/future client? 

I think the three above traits summarizes it nicely. 

We want you to be coachable...

We're going to try to help you and bring out the best in you...

You have to be open and willing to let us join you on the journey. 

Be committed. 

Nobody said this was going to be easy, right?

We always say at Spurling that our goal is that from the time you walk through those double glass doors to the time you leave, we'll take care of everything. 

We'll show you what to do, how to do, make sure you're doing it right, keep you motivated, hold you accountable, and support you. 

But you still have to be committed to walking through those doors...

I know it's scary, but that's what we're asking for in a commitment. 

Just like commitment in a relationship, we're looking for you to show up. 

And finally...


Aware of the surroundings, aware of all the changes you're going through, aware of how awesome life can be. 

Slow down, breath, and just be aware of everything going on. 

When you pull back from the busyness of day to day life and just spend some time being aware, it changes how you think about things. 

Whether you're joining our gym, starting a fitness routine somewhere else, hitting a plateau on your current fitness routine, or looking to improve a relationship, be a better employee, or be a better spouse, ask yourself this...

Are you coachable, committed, and aware?

1% Better, right?

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

PS: If you feel you have these three traits and you're ready to start a fitness journey at Spurling click here