Do You Ever Listen To Your Own Voice?

Have you ever watched yourself on video or heard an audio recording of your voice and catch yourself saying “that’s not me.”

You’re caught off guard by how your voice sounds or some of the body language you had.

It can be strange to hear your own voice or to see yourself on video, and quite often you catch things that you don’t think are going on.

For example, that is how your voice actually sounds, you just listen to yourself all day everyday so you don’t think about it.

It’s a blind spot.

Or, yes, you do have that nervous tug of the t-shirt, or always frown your eyebrows when someone is giving you feedback, you just don’t realize it.

It’s a blind spot.

We all have them.

Blind spots.

We are trapped inside our own bodies.

We can’t see our own facial reactions, our body language, or even hear some of our tones that others are picking up on.

We think we sound this way, or we think we reacted this way, but in reality we sound a particular way, and our body language shows something different.

It’s a blind spot.

We have blind spots everywhere in life.

You think you’re being a good listener, yet you don’t realize that others don’t think that because you cut off all their ideas before they can even finish them.

It’s a blind spot.

You don’t know.

We don’t know we don’t know something until we know we don’t know it.

That’s a mouth full, but read it again.

We don’t know we don’t know something until we know we don’t know it.

As I mentioned life is full of blind spots.

In the personal development realm it’s all about finding out about your blind spots and trying to fix them as quickly as possible.

In fitness and nutrition we can have blind spots on how to exercise, portion control, and a slew of other things.

For example, you could think that your portions are dead on.

If someone were to ask you, “are you eating healthy?”, you would say “yeah, for sure.”

However, if we took those portions and compared them side-by-side to what a portion should be you could have a blind spot.

Until you see the side-by-side comparison you had no clue that your portions were way off and that could be the reason you haven’t been able to see much fat loss.

In regards to exercise, we could think we’re doing things properly, we could think that we’re doing things at the right intensity, but it takes someone from the outside to confirm if that’s a blind spot or not.

And there’s my last point.

It takes someone from the outside.

Remember, we’re trapped in our own bodies.

We can’t see from the outside in.

We can’t see that frown, we can’t see that body language, we can’t hear that tone, and we certainly can’t see if our knees are caving in on that squat.

It takes a coach.

The best singers in the world have a voice coach.

Is that coach a better singer than them?

Probably not.

But because of that, and because they’re outside, they can see and hear things that the singer would never be able to notice.

They remove blind spots.

Personal development in life, and in fitness, is about removing as many of our blind spots as possible.

And the scary thing is, if you have blind spots (we all do), you don’t know you have them.

That’s why you have a coach, that outside eye.

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling