Do This...

There's one thing that I think can make you far, far more successful in pretty much any facet of life which gets overlooked more than any of us care to admit.

Being in the moment.

In the world of seemingly being connected to everything, we're often never fully focused on any one thing.

I'm always challenged with being connected to the gym, staying connected with all of you on social media, and being 'all in' with Megan. 

We're all better when we're 'all in'. 

Think about it...if you dedicate 30 focused minutes to just about much do you get accomplished?

If you spent 30-45 minutes a day on fitness, nutrition, or personal development - but you were 'all in' would be enough to get some really good results. 

If you're 'all in' during the time you're with your family - you're likely not feeling guilty about how much you work.

Look - there's nothing less impactful than being 'half in.'

Talking with someone while you're trying to also pay attention to your phone.

Trying to do both work and check out social media at the same time.

It's simple - if something is important when you decide it's time for that 'all in.'

Be in the moment.

In fact, I've got a little challenge for you. 

Over the next 5 days, where ever you are - be fully there.

When you're in office at work - be present for just those around you.

When you're with family - it's family only.

And when you're investing you...your workouts, your personal development - focus on just that.

My guess is that if you take that approach, the next 5 days will be the best you've had in a while.

So enjoy the week and live in the moment.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling