Dig Your Well...

We are who we are and we are where we are because of a series of choices.

We make certain choices, everyday, and those choices, compounded together are a direct reflection of who you are today.

Extreme Ownership.

A great book, but also a behavior I try to instill in my team and all of you.  

We can help, but only you, yes you, are responsible for everything that happens.

You know when you’re giving it your best, and you know when you’re not.

You know when you didn’t show up.

We can remind you, hold you accountable, and motivate you, but ultimately it’s up to you.

So what now?

If you’re not happy with where you’re at, fitness or otherwise, it’s time to start digging your well.

Where you’re at today is typically not a reflection of choices from yesterday or even this month, it’s a series of choices made over several months and even years.  

So, if you want to change, that’s how it’s going to happen.

Start digging your well now so that it can fuel you in the future.

Quite often we don’t see the benefits of these small behavioral changes, the 1% Better motto, the consistent effort before giving up..


All of those small changes are you digging your well, and then those habits will last you a lifetime, but you have to dig the well first before it gives you water.

If you want to have a successful finish to 2019 and a strong 2020 you have to start now.

You have to start digging your well.

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling