Can You Make It?

If ou're like me, you're moving a little slow this Monday morning...


The stuffing and mash potatoes still weighing you down?


In all seriousness, I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving. 


Mine was filled with fun, family, and food. 


As I awoke this morning and thought about what I was going to write about I realized that Thursday is December 1st. 


One more month in 2016!


Can you believe it?


It got me thinking...


What can we achieve in 30 days?


I guess it depends on what you compare it to...


In the grand scheme of things 30 days is just a dot, but think of everything you can get done...


That's 720 hours. 


Let's minus out 8 hours of sleep, and 8 hours of family/non-productive time, and we're still looking at 240 hours of real time. 


Are you going to be like everyone else and just "wait til' January?"


Or are you going to finish 2016 strong?


I always loved the final push of the year. 


I look back at my goals and realize I crushed some out of the park, and others that it seems like I didn't even put a dent in them. 


I use the final stretch of the year to see how close I can get to those goals. 


The next month will pass no matter what...


We'll all be watching the ball drop and ringing in the new year...


Will you be the same person then as you are now?


If you follow our 1% better, that's a chance to be over 30% better! 


I like to make sure you leave each e-mail with an action step. 


Something to go do, rather than just read, nod your head, and continue on...


My action step for you is to set 3 goals that you are going to achieve by the end of 2016. 


They can be fitness related, or life related. 


It doesn't matter. 


But don't just be a lump on a log, go through the motions, and wait until the new year. 


Write them down, hang them somewhere you see them every day, and start chipping away. 


1% of people reading this will actually do it, but those that do will have the success. 


Here's your spark, go finish 2016 strong! 


1% better, right?


Dedicated to Your Success,


Doug Spurling