Blue Sky

Life can be tough sometimes. 

Last night I got a group text from the team saying one of our clients’ just lost her dad, someone I know she loved dearly, and had devoted the last couple years to caring for him…

Today is a bitter sweet day…

This morning Megan and I left for Quebec City, a trip we’re very much looking forward to, but a trip that was supposed to happen on this date last year, but instead, we were planning the funeral arrangements for my dad.

We had to cancel the trip as the night before after he dropped dead from what we assume was a heart attack, his health history was too long to know exactly what the cause was.

At this time last year one of my employees found out his wife had a tumor on her brain, luckily after a long year, she seems to be doing great.

As I write this, I sip on a hot cup of coffee from a cup that Kim got me that reads, “Today is the day.”

As I write this, I look out my back deck and up into the sky and just see clouds.

Things don't go our way. 

We lose a close friend or family member. 

We get frustrated with the progress we're making. 

Whatever it may be. 

Those are the clouds in our life. 

But what we tend to forget is the blue sky is always there. 

Remember, the blue sky is always there. 

You're going to have days, weeks, and times in your life where you feel like you have that black cloud hanging above you and you can't escape it. 

But remember, the blue sky is always there. 

Those clouds will pass. 

Have you ever taken off on a plane on a cloudy or stormy day, and then as soon as you elevate above the clouds you get blinded by the sun and blue sky in your window?

That's a great reminder that the blue sky is always there. 

No matter the situation, no matter how frustrated, angry, or sad you are, remember...

The blue sky is always there. 

It's the cloudy days and the rain storms where growth occurs. 

If every day was a blue sky no growth would occur. 

Think about our great green earth. 

Things live, thrive, and stay green, partly because of the water that falls from the sky, water that is formed on those dark days. 

Our biggest growth happens on those dark cloudy days. 

Think back to the times in your life when you had the most personal growth. 

The change was usually the result of something negative. 

Whether it's as large as losing a family member or a day to day struggle of finally being fed up with how your pants fit or how your business is performing, it was those cloudy day moments that instilled action in you to then bring out the blue sky. 

No matter how many clouds, the blue sky is always there. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling