Do You Want To Look & Feel Your Best?

Do you want amazing results in 42 days, even if you’ve tried in the past?

Oh, and if you don’t get results, we’ll give you every dime back.

Maine summer is always fun.

We may be a little less focused with our nutrition choices, workouts are sparse, or not at all, and we definitely said yes to a lot of BBQ’s filled with lots of extra calories.

This may have results in you feeling a little sluggish, a few extra pounds may have creeped on, and you’re feeling ready to lock things in.

That’s super common, and we ourselves go through those same cycles in the summer.

However, now that Labor Day is this weekend and kids are going back to school, it’s time to get back onto a routine.

This September we’re kicking off our famous program…

It’s called the 6 Week Transformation Challenge, using our three uniques; strong coaching, accountability, and the most supportive community around, it’s the best fitness program around.

It’s a perfectly-balanced nutrition, fitness, and accountability program designed to produce measurable, visible results in just 42 days…instead of months, or even years.

We’ve helped THOUSANDS of people transform their bodies with this simple, easy-to-follow blueprint…and we want YOU to be next!

We understand that most people are nervous or intimidated by the typical gym, don’t know what to do, and are afraid they’re going to hurt themselves, or look stupid.

No worries, we got you.

Throughout your entire journey you’re going to have a coach by your side every step of the way.

You’ll have ultimate accountability, scheduling all your workouts on our app, with times that work for you.

Regular check-ins are scheduled with a coach to make sure you’re staying on track and you don’t have any questions.

And, from day one, you become part of the Spurling Family, the most supportive community around!

If this sounds like something you’re interested in committing to this fall just reply with the word “transformation” and we’ll send you over all the details.

Hurry though, we do keep those programs limited to 20 people that way we don’t overload our current clients and coaching staff, plus we can give you the best attention you deserve.

The program starts kicks off on 9/23, but enroll now to save your spot.

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

PS: It’s time to do something for YOU this fall. It’s time to lose weight, get stronger, have more energy, and sleep better. Reply with the word “transformation” or click the link below.

PPS: If you’re reading this a current member of Spurling, you have three choices; ignore it, forward this to a friend or family member, or click the link below to participate at a super low member rate where you’ll get a membership upgrade, bi-weekly check-ins with a coach, and a nutrition program for 42 days.

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