Avoid Overcomplicating Things...

There's a lot of frustrations in the fitness industry as a consumer but one of the biggest is the amount of information out there and not knowing what to believe. 

Can I eat fruit?

Is sugar bad for me?

What's raw food?

Should I do HIIT?

Isn't resistance training going to make me bulky?

I get it...

You don't know what to believe. 

So what's up with all the confusing information?

First off, there is most likely two reasons for it...

1. This industry is like none other as far as regulations go. My team and I who went to school for exercise science, have degrees and a bunch of letters after our names, are lumped into the same "fit pro" umbrella as the guy or gal who went online and got a quick certification or took a weekend course and called it good. Or even worse, the folks that just sell stuff but don't even have any educational background on it. There's really no regulation as to who can be in this industry. 

Because of that, you have a lot of misinformation (and opinions) being sprayed over the internet. 

2. The shiny object sells. Consumers like you and I are easy to fall for the quick fix. The pill that boosts your metabolism, the shake that can shred fat, or the belt that jiggles my belly away. 

Unfortunately, it's all crap, they know it and we know it, but good marketing can sell anything I guess. 

So how can I help?

One, I think it's important to really understand the above two statements. 

Two, avoid the overcomplicated things. 

Success in this journey only comes down to three things....

1. Sustainable Good Nutrition Habits

It's not about a meal plan that you follow for a couple weeks and bounce back. 

It's not about a detox you do for 21 days.

It's about sustainable, daily, smart nutrition choices.

Fill your day with lots of water, lots of veggies, and lots of protein.

Execute on those three things every single day and I can promise results. 

2. Sustainable Exercise Routines

It's not about the new fancy exercise tool or finding the workout that makes you so tired you can't even pick up your arms the next day. 

Any one can make you tired and sore, but did you actually get better? 

Did you actually get results?

Sustainable exercise routines are safe and appropriate routines for your abilities, goals, and injury history. 

Ideally there monitored by a coach so you can assure proper form and technique, as well as have someone there to adjust things as needed, and keep you motivated and accountable. 

If you're exercising three hours a week or less I would recommend making it 100% resistance training based because it's the most bang for your buck. 

Once you're over three hours per week then you can start adding in additional things like steady state cardio, interval cardio, and others. 

3. Good Sleep & a Positive Mindset. 

Ok, I know, I kind of snuck two in one there but hear me out. 

Good sleep may be the most underrated way to increase your health. 

It's about quality sleep. 

6-8 hours per night of deep sleep. 

Shut the screens off an hour before and focus on quality sleep. 

To pair with that, throughout this journey a positive mindset is a must. 

This is a blog topic in itself but just so know success is never a straight line. 

You're going to go through ups and downs, you're going to be hard on yourself, and you're going to get frustrated. 

It's vital to keep a positive mindset throughout this journey. 

So, avoid the overcomplicated things. 

Focus on sustainable nutrition habits, a safe exercise routine, solid sleep, and a positive mindset. 

It's the most ordinary things done consistently that proves excellence. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling