Are You a Horse Chasing a Carrot?

The day after Labor Day means one thing here in the Northeast...

School is back in session! 

Most kids hate it, parents love it, and everybody seems to get back into a routine after the craziness of summer. 

I love it! 

With the thought of school on my mind, it got me thinking....

I learn more each day at 27, then I did at 17 or 7. 

The school was just the kick-start, it wasn't the finish line. 

We're still learning, we're still getting 1% better, it just gave us a boot in the pants to get going. 

My point today, is if you can mentally master that there is no finish line, you will win. 

Life is not a 100m sprint. 

It's a 100m sprint, followed by another, follow by another, and another, and another...

If you can mentally master that in all aspects of life, it's a finish line that just keeps moving, you've won. 

Sure, you have goals, and you reach certain milestones, but the finish line never stops moving forward. 

It's like the horse chasing the carrot on the stick. 

If you can master this, you will win! 

Too many people come to us with something like...

"I want to lose 20lbs."

That's great! 

But you know it's not going to be "done" after that, right?

The people that love and enjoy the climb up the mountain are the ones who will achieve the most, not the ones who just can't wait to get to the top. 

My challenge for you is to find things you love doing so much that you just love the process, you love the climb, you're not just waiting to cross the finish line and stop. 

Fitness, nutrition, mindset, heck, every aspect of life, is about getting 1% better every day.

It never stops. 

When you truly understand this and stop looking for the quick fixes and home runs, you will win. 

Keep getting 1% better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

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