A Unique Ability...


That's how many days are left until my life goal of living through a complete century, May 10, 2100. 

I would be 111. 

It's not about the age, it's about what that number does to my brain. 

It gives me a "deadline" and a good balance of urgency to do things, and patience that there's still plenty of time left. 

Every choice I make, I try to run it by that filter. 

However, that's not what today's lesson is about, that's another post for another day. 

If it were 100% up to me (it's not), I would have all 29,918 days planned out, constantly asking myself the question about what I need to do today for things be planned out on day 17,437, for example.  

That brings me peace, calmness, and a feeling of satisfaction. 

I realize, for others, that makes them sad, unfulfilled, and stressed that life would need to be that structured. 

Last week I came home, after picking up Kaden, to a house full of barbie dolls all over the place (not Kaden), yellow dog hair everywhere (my dog is a black lab), and a crazy lady asking me where I'd been all day (she wasn't at my house when I left it that morning), she wanted to see her grandson. 

Long story short, my in-laws (Megan's sister, her family, and her parents) are all moving to Maine, specifically, both within a 5 minute drive of Megan and I. 

They are both building houses that won't be ready until the fall, and will be staying with us until their summer rentals are available. 

Now, I'm not sure what kind of tone this is coming off as, but we really are excited. 

It's been a family goal for the last five years or so to get them to Maine. 

They had to sell houses, handle job situations, and figure out kids, but it's finally happening. 

I wanted to preface that it's a great thing because it really is, and....

my mother-in-law is probably reading this :)

However, it's a great lesson for me, and I hope for you. 

This "disruption" was not planned. 

I didn't plan to hear the footsteps of a five year old walking up and down the stairs to my office every five minutes saying "hi, uncle!"

I didn't plan to go grab another cup of coffee and have it all be gone.

I didn't plan to change up my morning routine, to have a dirty house, or to watch "Benji" on Netflix when there was so much other stuff to do. 

However, that's been the last week for me. 

Funny enough, it's challenged me. 

It's challenged me to "roll with it."

For some of you, that comes very naturally. 

You roll with it, and if things don't go as planned (if you even had a plan), you just adjust. 

For me, that's not a strong ability of mine, I like structure, progress, and organization in every facet of my life. 

But as always, there's a nice life lesson, a nice lesson tied to the progress of fitness. 

In fitness, as in life, things don't go as planned. 

You don't plan on getting sick and being out for two weeks. 

You don't plan on having the family up and saying yes to too many nachos and beers. 

On paper, everything should go as planned. 

I should go to the gym three times per week, I should lose two pounds per week, and then, only then, I'll be happy. 

But we simply know that's not how it goes. 

It never goes as planned.

I'm learning, alongside you, thats part of the magic of life, just like in fitness, is that it never goes as planned, and you just need to roll with it, showing up with your best every day. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

PS: But if I have to watch one more Paw Patrol episode, I swear....