A Single Step...

There seems to be this massive hesitation in society when starting something new, especially when it comes to fitness. 

Now, "new" could be starting from scratch, someone that has never done anything in their life, and new could also mean a new goal or a new event. 

We quite often get the question of "how do I start?"

Although it's thought to be more complicated than this, I challenge you to realize, it's just a matter of doing something, anything. 

I've done several posts on motivation in the past so I won't go into full detail for today's sake, but motivation is not something you just wake up with. 

You don't just all of the sudden "find" motivation. 

That's why people who never start or attempt any action with fitness find it hard to have any kind of success. 

Motivation is built on action. 

It's a snowball effect. 

You need to do something to get the snowball moving. 

Once it's moving, it will build on itself and continue to roll down the hill faster and faster. 

That's why if you're feeling extra motivated it's usually the result of a chain of actions built on each other that has created it. 

So, how do you start?

Whether it's starting a brand new fitness routine, joining a gym for the first time, or conquering a new goal or event...

Pick the easiest action you can do. 

Think of it as a project. 

Every project has a series of "to dos."

What is the first to do?

For example, it could be inquiring on the website. 

It could be going out and buying some new shoes. 

Maybe it's registering for the event, or buying the bike you need for that triathlon. 

Quite often we paralyze ourselves as we look at the big project ahead, or a new change, or new routine.

That analysis paralysis freezes you up mentally and physically and next thing you know six months go by and you're still in the same place you were. 

There's no magic answer, unfortunately, I think it's just a good reminder of the famous quote...

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

And it's just that...a step. 

Don't get overwhelmed by the journey, just take the first step. 

That will lead to the second step, the third step, and then, and only then, will the momentum and motivation start to build.

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling 

PS: I also wanted to share one of my favorite lines from a colleague in the industry..."Thinking you should wait to join a gym until you get in shape is like saying you'll just keep driving your broken car until it works before you take it to the mechanic."

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