A Question You Should Know The Answer To...

I have a question today that I really want you to spend some time thinking about.

I know that the more clear you get on this answer, the better your success is going to be.

I’ve never thought of the gym as a gym, or as fitness.

I never think of my business coaching as “consulting” or any of those fancy terms.

I think of it as a community that inspires positive change.

But that begs the question…

A question we should all get really clear on…

“What change do I seek to make?”

It seems simple at first, but let’s talk through it…

Regarding health…

Some people want to get “healthier” and to them that means smaller jean sizes, more confidence, and a better looking backside.

To others, “healthier” is getting off the blood pressure medicine and not getting winded when they walk up the stairs.

For some, getting “healthier” means they want to gain weight and put on muscle.

We have to get really clear on what change we seek to make…

The more clear we can get on this answer the more direct path we can take to accomplishing our goals.

Do you want to just feel good and have more energy?

You’re probably okay having that dessert a couple times a week or that bottle of wine over the weekend?

Do you want to drop 20 pounds of fat?

You’re going to have to be pretty strict with things and say no a lot more to that dessert and wine.

There is no right answer to the question, however, the change you seek determines the amount and type of work involved.

Plus, we can’t have a desire for this change, but not match it with out actions.

That’s where the frustration comes in.

If you want to just sleep better and have more energy, that work looks a lot different than the person that seeks the desire to drop two jean sizes before their high school reunion next month.

Again, the positive change you seek is up to you, but we have get clear on exactly what that change is.

Some people come to Spurling for the community and social aspect, and are looking for a social or emotional change.

Others come to Spurling for a more serious workout, and are really looking to make a physical change.

Again, no right answer, but we need to get clear.

Just to compare outside of health and fitness, take a look at my business coaching.

“I want a better business.”

What does that really mean?

Do you want more personal income?

Do you want more free time?

Are you trying to go expand, or are you trying to retire?

The clarity on the change you want to make dictates the direction of coaching we take and the work involved.

This is true for any positive change.

Now, let me end with this.

Typically when I go through this you catch yourself saying “yes, I want all of that.”

Well, remember my post from last week about the dog that picks up two bones drops both?

Think of your journey as a college curriculum…

What is your track or course right now?

What do you want to change right now?

We can always work on something else after, and of course there will be some cross-over, but ultimately, whether it’s in fitness, finance, family, business/career, or any other area of personal development, we need to get really clear on what change we’re looking to make right now, focus on that, crush that, and then move on.

That is 1% Better.

So, I’ll ask you again…

“What change do you seek to make?”

Spend some time thinking about it, and if you’re up for it, reply and let me know.

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling