A Dog & Their Bones...

There’s a good saying that goes something like this…

“The dog that tries to pick up two bones usually drops both.”

It’s a great line to remember we can’t be focusing on two things at the same time.

When a new client joins the gym, we know it can be overwhelming and daunting.

We aim to get them to focus on one thing…

Walk in this door 10 times.

That’s it.

Don’t try to change nutrition, don’t worry about fat loss or strength, don’t worry about anything else other than walking through the door ten times.

What we’re trying to do is build the habit of frequency.

We need frequency as the foundation before we change anything else.

If we try to set goals and go after multiple things like frequency, losing body fat percentage, getting stronger, changing nutrition, all at the same time, we have no focus and typically suffer.

Focus on one thing at time, make it a habit, and then, only then, stack another habit on top of it.

Nutrition is one people try to change in the beginning.

Where people typically fall is they are trying to pick up two bones so they drop both.

We like to separate nutrition.

It’s why we created the 90 Day “Clean & Lean” nutrition coaching that Trent runs.

He offers it 3-4 times a year, and only that often.

When you’re ready, and only when you’re ready to change, you can enroll in the next round.

When is it the right time to enroll?

You’ve been hitting your frequency…

You’re working hard…

But you just can’t seem to see many results.

There’s a strong chance it’s your nutrition.

If you’re exercising 10+ times a month with a goal of dropping body fat percentage, and you haven’t, the honest truth is it is probably your nutrition.

I’m guilty of this, as we all are at some point.

But, if you feel like you have a solid habit with your workouts and are ready to buckle down for the next 90 days on your nutrition I highly recommend you join Trent's coaching program.

I just checked with him yesterday and it looks like he has 5 of the 20 spots left before it starts next week.

We know that if we change too much at once we’re not hyperfocused and to keep my first example going, we “drop both bones.”

However, if you’re ready to make some significant change and really make nutrition a lasting habit here is your chance.

The 90 Day Clean & Lean is a nutrition coaching program run by our expert nutrition coach Trent.

As a group, you’ll meet each week, that way you have incredible accountability.

You’ll discuss what’s working, what you’re struggling with, and he’ll coach you up on a plan to follow for the next week until you meet again.

Throughout the week you have access to him, the other members, and daily accountability.

He also does some 1:1 meetings if you need them, and frequent InBody tests to make sure you’re actually hitting your results.

If you’re interested in this program just reply with “nutrition” and we’ll send you over the details.

Remember though, the program does start next week and he limits it to 20 people to give them the best experience possible, with only 5 of those spots left.

Regardless of if you do the nutrition program or not, remember the lesson…

“The dog that tries to pick up two bones usually drops both.”

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling