Today is day one of the #75Hard Challenge for myself, and some of my team that chose to do it.

It’s 75 straight days of:

  1. Two workouts every day, at least 45 minutes, at least one has to be outside

  2. Follow calorie limit, track all food, no cheats, no sweets, no alcohol

  3. Drink a gallon of water every day

  4. Read 10 pages of a personal development book every day

  5. Take a progress pic every day

If you miss a day on any of them, you go back to day one. 

Now, let me make something very clear before I go on, I don’t recommend this for many people, especially beginners.

However, I’m sharing it with you as I think there’s some good lessons.

I’m excited for this mental/physical challenge.

I haven’t locked in on something this challenging since Kaden came along. 

I love the discipline this will take, the early mornings, doing things when you don’t want to, all of it.

I’ve written about it in the past, but I think we need to approach this whole personal development/getting better thing like laps around the track.

Sometimes we’re “walking’” just cruising along, usually loving other things like social gatherings, good food, etc, but we’re probably not making a ton of “progress” in our laps around the track.

Other times we’re “jogging,” making good progress, consistently good, and covering some solid ground around the track.

Lastly, every once in awhile we need to “sprint.” A hard push, strict rules, doing things that you don’t want to, and you end up doing a lot of “laps” around the track.

Now this particular challenge is not really a physical challenge.

Although I’m sure I’ll see physical change, it’s about committing to those five things every day, and never missing a day.

This traits will carry over to all aspects of life whether we’re talking physical wellness, vocational wellness, emotional wellness, intellectual wellness, and everything in between.

It’s going to force characteristics like:

  • Discipline

  • Time Management

  • Integrity

  • Planning

  • Consistency

  • Doing things when you don’t want to

  • Not making excuses

  • Extreme ownership

  • Personal responsibility

I’m excited for it, and I’ll do periodic updates on here.

As for you, as summer wraps up, and for most of us, things settle back into a somewhat “normal” routine after Labor Day, maybe it’s worth considering if you want to pick something and go after this fall.

It could be a physical goal, it could be a career or business goal, it could be anything.

I think there’s enormous benefit in picking something super specific, with a deadline, and going after it with laser focus.

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling