Five Fat Loss Tips You Can Implement TODAY

Lets start this week off with five fat loss tips that you can implement TODAY!

1. Awareness is key. Starting today, crack open a notebook and start writing down everything you eat. You've heard us say it, and say it, and say it, but are you doing it? My guess is probably not. Why? The simplest things are the hardest to implement. Start with just a week. For the rest of this week write down everything you eat and drink in a notebook. Don't worry what's on it, just create awareness. You see, when you write it down, you'll visually see some of the "low-hanging" areas that you can start punching away at. But you won't know those until you start writing everything down. Lesson number one: journal your food.

2. Protein is King...and Queen. If you're not getting enough protein you're seriously making it 10x harder on yourself to drop the pounds. This week make one choice a day that gets you more protein. It could be swapping out the bag of chips for some almonds. It could be replacing the cereal with a couple eggs. Don't go for the home runs, let's just hit a bunch of singles. Don't worry, protein won't make you big and bulky. Your muscles are already lean, otherwise, they'd be called fat. Also, you would have to eat 500, 700, or even 1000 grams of protein a day to have any negative health issues like kidney processing, etc. Finally, I promise you, you won't get bulky. If you're reading this right now as a female, you don't have the hormonal makeup to get big and bulky, just tight and tone. Men, on the other hand, you can get it if you work for it. The benefits of protein include fullness, lean muscle development, faster recovery, smaller pant sizes, and a new found confidence. Starting this week, add more protein. The goal is 1 gram of protein per pound of your goal body weight. If you want to weigh 180lbs, that's 180 grams of protein, per day. 

3. Do something today that makes you sweat. In this heat, that won't be hard. But will you do it? The choices are abundant, but the action is what's important. Reference my e-mail last week about being inefficient. Do one thing today that you're inefficient at. It could be a training session at the gym, a walk/jog, or a yoga session. The choice is yours. Use today as the foundation, and keep stacking wins on top of wins each day. 

4. Find one thing to de-stress or unclutter your life. Isn't it amazing when you donate some clothes and clean out your closet how good the rest of your life feels? Or how about the feeling after cleaning off your desk? There's no denying it's all connected. Stress plays a role in all aspects of life. A stressful day causes emotional eating and the desire not to go to the gym which starts a vicious cycle. Once again the choice is yours, but find one thing today to unclutter and de-stress in your life. 

5. Throw a grenade. When someone pulls the pin of a grenade there is no going back. They either throw it or they're done. Although an extreme example, it plays as a great analogy to fitness, nutrition, and change. We put our toe in the water instead of jumping off the deep end. We wait until everything is just right, the perfect moment, and we allow ourselves to back away if we don't like it. I got news for you; the moment will never be perfect so why not today? At any moment you can decide to change, why not today? Throw the grenade. Whether that's joining a gym, buying a smaller pant size, throwing away all your winter clothes, posting a "before" picture on Facebook, or cleaning out the cupboards. You must do something that says "Today is the day. I'm ready to change and there is no going back."

All of these can be implemented today. 

My question for you is...

Will you?

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

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