4 Walls To A Well Lived Life...

I truly believe way too many people just go through the motions of life and never actually create what they want, live their dreams, and fulfill themselves. 


Simply put, they never actually take them time to think about it. 

We can get caught up in the daily hustle and bustle, and soon you look back and you have to ask yourself...

Why am I still not happy?

These, in my humble opinion, are the four walls you have to build to live a life well-lived.

1. Awareness: Know who you are

This is the first wall that must be built and is the most important. 


The ability to know who you are, what makes you tick, what your values are, what makes you happy, etc. 

This wall, like the others, is never ending, but it must be started. 

Self-awareness is one of the largest skills we can develop if we want to live a more fulfilling and happier life.

It takes time but can be done through meditation, journaling, and just really taking the time to ask yourself deep questions about what's important to you, what's your character, and what are your motives and desires. 

2. Vision: Knowing what you want

Although I think self-awareness is the most important, this one is my favorite. 

Your vision. 

Why do you exist?

What are you trying to accomplish in your short time here?

Where do you want to go?

What do you want to do?

The answers to those questions and more are all a part of your vision. 

Just like it's important for a company to have a strong vision, I think it's vital for each of us to have a really clear vision. 

A vision creates two things:

Clarity and Drive. 

With a clear vision, you'll have an enormous amount of drive towards something that is bigger than yourself. 

3. Achievement: Know how to get it.

So the first two walls are the most important, but they're kind of "fluffy." 

They're not concrete and may be difficult to put on a paper, but the achievement is very tactical. 

Achievement is where you start learning how to go after your vision.


A Japanse philosophy of continuous improvement. 

1% Better. 

Become a lifelong learner. 

Find something in your vision, learn it, and be the best at it. 

There's an extreme amount of fulfillment in learning how to do something. 

We had to learn how to walk, we had to learn how to read, we had to learn how to be a good spouse, a good parent, etc. 

It's the things that we must learn that keep us fulfilled and happy. 

So whether it's learning a new career, learning how to be a dad, or learning how to squat properly, achievement is an essential part of a well-lived life. 

4. Fulfillment: Know how to enjoy it

Alright, let's back up for a second. 

You know who you are, self-awareness.

You know where you want to go, vision.

You know how to do it, achievement. 

Now it's time to enjoy it. 

Fulfillment is about finding the things that are a part of your vision, that you learn how to do, and now need to find a way to enjoy it. 

Let's talk through a couple examples.

When I first started the business I had to learn how to do it, the specific skills like finances, marketing, leadership, etc. 

Now, in order to truly live our vision, I had to learn how to enjoy it. 

That meant finding the things that I really enjoy doing the most.

Another easy example...being a dad. 

Right now I'm building the wall of achievement. 

I'm learning the skills, and eventually, once the skills are developed, I'll learn fulfillment, the aspects of being a dad that is most rewarding, which comes from a continuous improvement of my self-awareness. 

Let's tie a bow on this...

For some of you that struggle to think "bigger picture" like this let's relate it to fitness. 

Before you even start a fitness routine or a journey to a healthier you, it starts with being self-aware. 

You are aware that you need to change. You become aware of why, why now, and what your motives and desires are. 

From there, you create a vision of what success looks like. 

A breakout of this would be goal setting. 

Goals are just milestones that are moving you closer to your vision. 

At that point, you get into the skills...

Learn how to eat properly. 

Learn how to exercise regularly. 

Learn specific movement patterns, learn recipes, etc, etc. 

Learn the tactics. 

From there, you find what you really enjoy, you master it, and that's when you become fulfilled and enjoy the process.

Alright, you good?

Start thinking about who you are, what you want to go after, learn it, and master it. 

The four walls of a well lived life. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling