4 Disciplines of Execution...

As we look to conquer our goals in 2018 there's often one area that we often fall short in. 


The intent is usually not the problem. 

We always set goals that we intend to hit, but what happens?

We don't make progress, get frustrated, have no accountability, and next thing we know we're watching the ball drop for 2019 and nothing has changed. 

So how do you execute on goals?

It takes 4 disciplines.  

The first discipline is the WIG




What's the ONE THING that you are after? 

What's the target that you're moving towards?

Pick one thing, and that's what everything else revolves around. 

Pick your WIG.

The second discipline is to track lead measures. 

Lead measures are things that predict if the WIG is going to happen. 

For example...

A lead measure could be journaling your food.

A lead measure could be getting in 10 workouts this month.

A lead measure could be getting 200 hours of sleep per month. 

It's things that you track and measure that predict whether or not the WIG will be accomplished. 

You know if you do those lead measures, there's a high chance the WIG will be achieved. 

Pick 3 lead measures. 

The third discipline is to have a cadence of accountability.

So you know your WIG and you know your 3 lead measures. 

Now you have to stay accountable to them. 

How are you going to do that?

Are you going to check in with a coach?

Are you going to go to the gym with a buddy?

We all need accountability. 

What's your cadence for holding yourself accountable to that WIG and those 3 lead measures? 

Finally, the fourth discipline of execution is keeping a scorecard. 

At the Superbowl, there will be a winner and a loser. 

Because they keep score they know that. 

Quite often we never think it's good enough because we don't set a scorecard of what a win is. 

20lbs becomes 30lbs.

If you don't keep a scorecard and celebrate all the wins, you'll never be happy with where you're at. 

So, for this WIG, what would be a win. 

Is it that you hit 10 workouts?

Great, if you hit 9, move on to next month, if you hit 10, celebrate that win!

Whatever it is, have a scorecard so you can celebrate the wins. 

I love the simplicity of this system. 

1. WIG

2. Lead Measures

3. Cadence of Accountability

4. Scorecard

Execute these 4 disciplines and the needle will move. 

Literally and figuratively. :)

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling