Yesterday I talked about .1% (how one month of your life is .1%) and today I want to talk about 25%.


That’s how much is left in 2018.

Remember those New Years Resolutions you set 9 months ago?

How are they going?

Are you 75% towards your 2018 goals?

If yes, awesome.

If no, don’t fret, we still have 25% of the year left.

There is so much that can get done in the 4th quarter.

Just watch the Patriots :)

This is the 4th quarter.

This is the final 25%.

It’s time to take action, dial things in, and sprint for a STRONG finish in 2018.

There are 90 days left in 2018.

It’s amazing how fast time can pass.

It seems like just yesterday we were setting our 2018 goals, and now we’re 75% through the year.

But if you need a “do-over”, I’m going to give you one.

You can REDO your New Year Resolutions right now, but you can’t waste a single second.

If your goal is fat loss, you need to start today.

If your goal is to get stronger, you need to start today.

If your goal is be healthier, you need to start today.

75% of the year is gone.

Will you make changes today or will you let another 25% pass?

Don’t waste another minute.

Start today.

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling