100 Day Sprint...

Last night we kicked off our next round of our Strong(her) in Six Weeks Transformation Program.

We got to meet all the new participants, and gave them a preview of what the six weeks is going to look like. 

After I was presenting, it hit me that this structure (gung-ho for six weeks) is very similar to a structure that my business coach gave me called the 100 day sprint. 

You see, just like with our challenges, you can go hard for awhile, but then you need to pull back for a while, before you go gung-ho again! 

In a 100 day sprint, we focus on 1-3 things for 100 days, and then take it easy for a few. 

No easy doesn't mean we're not working, it just means everything is on cruise control and we're just getting 1% better. 

In comparison on the 100 day sprint we're working extra hard, have everything super dialed in, and we're after specific goals. 

We apply this to our business, but I also think you could apply it to your fitness routine. 

You see, none of us can "sprint" all of the time. 

You can't say no to everything, be super consistent all of the time, and crushing goals left and right?



Life gets in the way, and you'll most likely burn out. 

So instead, schedule 2-3 100 day sprints where you're super dialed in, and you're working towards specific goals. 

You'll be amazed at how much you'll achieve during those days. 

During the other breaks, you're not not working out or eating like crap, you're just more in a "maintenance" or "cruise-control" mentality. 

You say yes to dessert a few times, or yes to drinks with friends more. 

And that's ok. 

You can't always have the pedal to the floor. 

So my action item for you...

It's REALLY hard to sprint during the holidays, but if you're up for a challenge give it a go. 

Otherwise, you need to be mentally ok with maintaining. That's a win in my books :)

And remember, that's still a win because you're reenergizing for your next 100 day sprint. 

Going into 2017, schedule 2-3 100 day sprints spaced out throughout the year. 

That's right, mark them on the calendar. 

Then, set specific and measurable goals, at least for the first one. 

Then be ready to run! 

Hope that helps you're 2017 goal planning :)

Enjoy the weekend, and I'll be back on Monday to get things rolling again!

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling