10 Random Thoughts on Fitness

Today I'm feeling extra spicy and random, so I put together 10 random thoughts on fitness.

Maybe you jive with one or two and take action on them...

1. Fun is the number one component. I don't care what research says, or what the "experts" say is the best form of exercise. Anything and everything will get you results if you stay consistent with it. However, fun is the number one thing that will keep you consistent with it. 

2. More protein and more sleep fixes 90% of the problem. A lot of times as an industry we tend to focus on less. Less fast food, less alcohol, less everything. Why can't we shift the mindset to more? More protein and more sleep is a double edge sword that can kill just about anything.

3. Mindset for the win. This is a journey. Change is hard. We all know we should exercise and eat healthy. Why is it harder for some and not for others? Mindset. Start with your emotional state, and then work on your physical state. 

4. A good goal for most people is to get their waist to be half their height in inches. For example, I am 78 inches tall, so I would never want my waist to get bigger than 39 inches. 

5. You define happiness. For some people it's a smaller pant size, for some people it's more "toned" arms, for some it's just to look better naked, and for some it's the changed mental state that physical exercise causes. Only you can determine what happiness is to you. Stop comparing yourselves to people on the cover of magazines, and start focusing on improving YOU. 

6. Pay for accountability and motivation, not for workouts and equipment. There's not a single exercise you can do here at Spurling that you can't do anywhere else. That's not what our clients pay for. Sure there's a piece of fitness that says do this exercise for this much time. But what's the hardest part? Actually getting yourself to do it! If you really want results, stop paying for workouts or to use equipment, and pay for coaching so you have someone by your side, motivating and inspiring you through this big and exciting journey. 

7. If you still think lifting weights makes you big and bulky get out from the under the cave. There are countless research articles that proves females unless injecting a needle in themselves filled with testosterone, don't have the hormonal makeup to get big and bulky. The only things lifting weights cause is improved confidence, lower body fat percentage, better energy, increased metabolism, improved sex life, and the ability to not have to ask your husband for help carrying in the groceries. 

8. Always remember your why. When you are on a journey that never ends, a journey that will always be about just getting 1% better every single day, day in and day out, you have to remember your why. Why are you doing this? If that doesn't pull at the strings of your heart, you'll never be consistent. When things get tough, which they will, if you're in touch with why you started the journey in the first place, you'll have the emotional strength to power through it. 

9. There're two simple rules, that if you follow them every day, I guarantee you will see results. Number one, do something every day that causes sweat to pour down your forehead. This could be a class, a strength training workout, a yoga class, a walk on the beach, or playing hoops with your kids. Number two, don't consume more than you burn. In business they say there's only one rule, don't spend more than you make. You'll be in business forever if you do that. It's the same in nutrition. You'll always see results if you never consume more than you burned that day. 

10. Strive to get 1% better every day through action with a purpose. I want you to read this and then go do one thing to get yourself better. The only changes that are successful are the ones that start with an action. The reasons why some goals are achieved and others are not? In order to instill change, you have to take action. As soon as you set a goal, you have to immediately take an action on it. We're in a world where being "busy" is rewarded. We value consumption of information. Way too many of us have all these intentions, all these goals, and then just get too busy refreshing our social media instead of taking action. I'm challenging you after you hit the "X" on this e-mail, to go do something of value, some piece of action, something that will get you 1% closer to where you want to be. 

I hope one of those resonated with you. 

1% better, right?

I'll be back tomorrow with more fun stuff :)

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

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